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Given Services

Application and Usage Procedure

Those who wish to make use of the Human-Computer Interaction Research and Application Laboratory may apply by filling out the Application form , or by either calling +90 (312) 210 33 57, or by sending an e-mai to hcil[at] metu.edu.tr address. The result of the request will be conveyed to the applicant by phone or by e-mail.

Usage Priorities: HCI Lab. usage priorities have been listed below:

1) Scientific Research (for METU)
2) Scientific Research (outside METU)*
3) Public Foundations and Private Companies*

* Usage of HCI Application and Research Laboratory by Public Foundations and Private Companies is charged. You can contact with Lab. Coordinator in order to get more information.

METU Computer Center Human Computer Interaction Research and Application Laboratory provides the services given below: 

Provide lab. environment for academic/ public foundations and private companies
Provide usability consultancy
Perform full usability testing
Provide eye tracking facility

Full Usability Testing contains:

Expert Review
Satisfaction Questionnaire
Eye movement analysis
Performance Analysis: Analysis of task completion time and number of errors/steps

Working Hours  

Human-Computer Interaction Research and Application Laboratory is available for use at 09:00-12:30 and 13:30-17:00 hours during week days..