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Application for the Certificate and Pricing

If you want your web site to be examined and certifiedin the context of  EN ISO 9241-15, you need to fille out the Product Certification Application Form and Service Agreement Form First. Aftwerwars, please deliverthese forms and additionally required documents as signed and stamped to the TSE Software Testing and Certification Department personally or by mail. 

Additionally Requested Documents:

a) An official document showing the legal status of the applicant organization.

b) Noterized copy of Signature specimen that belongs to the applicant organization's authorized signatory or representative.

c)  A certified copy of Principal Register of Trademark.

d) The agreement between the applicant organization and manufacturer (if the applicant organization does not develop the web site).

e) Bank receipt of advanced payment for 2000TL.

f) Noterized copies of the documents that states the fulfillment of the sector-specific legislation conditions.

g) Service Agreement

Furthermore, the certification process for your application can be tracked online. In order to apply online, please register to the system via http://belge.tse.org.tr/index.aspx. Upon submitting the application, you will be given a reference number. You may write down the reference number on the application form which will be delivered by mail.

Study Fee:

While charcing the certification study, we take number of the participants, scope of the website and whether the interface is static or dynamic  into consideration. You can contact to the laboratory in order to learn more about the study fee for the TS ISO/IEC 9241-151 certificate.

Phone: +90 312 210 3357 

E-mail: ibe[at]metu.edu.tr