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HCI Laboratory

Laboratory from Control Room

It is an undisputable fact that the computer, which was once only operated by experts during the years it was first introduced and was produced in small numbers, is now an indispensable part of human existence. Therefore it gains more and more importance that the computers and the software running on them i.e. the interfaces can be effectively and efficiently used by everyone and should be further improved to meet that need.

In the light of this progress, in order to support the development stage of the web pages of departments / units, to assist the designers with the design of interfaces developed by the CC, to carry work on accessibility, to provide a medium for academic research purposes and to provide support for the development of effective and efficient interfaces cooperating with other universities, the public and the private sector, Human Computer Interaction Research and Application Laboratory has been activated with the academic advising of  Prof. Dr. Kürşat Çağıltay.

In usability studies which is conducted to evaluate the usability of interactive interfaces at our laboratory, together with the traditional usability methods and the data provided by the eye tracker, more reliable result is provided. With this facility, the information about the user's approach to the interfaces at the design stage, during the design process or afterwards, how the user makes use of them, what problems the user encounters, is obtained thus further improvements are made possible, in short, it is aimed to assist the user in making lesser mistakes and in achieving the task in a shorter time with less difficulty.


Human-Computer Interaction Research and Application Laboratory is a medium established to carry out the studies which are mentioned above and the lab consists of an experimentation and a control room. During the experiment, it is possible to get a feedback by recording the image of the user, the eye movements, and the monitor screen shots, so as to evaluate the applicability of any given software.