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Commercial/Corporate Related Studies Reservation

Commercial/Corporate Companies need to fill out the form in order to request to use the laboratory.

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Human-Computer Interaction Research and Application Laboratory Terms of Service

Term 1:  During the study, researchers should use laboratory as it is, even if a problem occurs they should not interfere with any device and they should inform Laboratory Management about the issue. Otherwise, the researcher is obligated to recompense the damage that occurs as a result of the intervention.

Term 2:  Laboratory Management has the right to cancel reservations because of technical issues and academic prioritization.

Term 3:  The researcher is responsible for the laboratory equipment and physical security of laboratory environment while s/he has the laboratory key. The financial damage occurred during that time are issued by researcher.

Term 4:  Researchers should be aware of the fact that the study should be conducted without effecting the participants physically and psychologically. Besides, the researcher will apply to the Ethics Committees if necessary since the study requires human as the source of data. Ethics Committees Application is needed to be submitted by the the researcher.

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