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Equipments and Softwares

Available Devices that can be used during Experiments

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The Eye Tracker and Test Computer: There is a single eye tracker (Tobii T120) which collects data on where on the screen the user looks, how long a glance is, how many times the user looks at a certain point on the screen, and all the eye movements of the subject during the experiment is also monitored. The test computer which is used by participant and also is attached to the eye tracker is coupled to another computer in the control room which records the on screen view of the user. 

Tobii X2-60 Eye Trackers: The Tobii X2-60 Eye Trackers can be used for a large variety of test scenarios and stimuli dimensions. They are the perfect choice for on-screen studies on your laptop or PC monitor and for mobile device testing. Additionally high quality tracking of large gaze angels (up to 36°) also allows you to study large projections or real-world surfaces.

      Tobii X2 - 60

Tobii Glasses 1

Tobii Glasses 1 Eye Tracker: Tobii Glasses 1, the wearable eye tracking tool, gives researchers the ability to capture truly objective and deep insights into human behavior in any real-world environment.

The Control Unit: 2 kameranın aldığı görüntüyle beraber, kullanıcı ve gözlemci bilgisayarlarının ekran görüntülerini gösteren monitora bağlı, 360 ° dönebilen kameraları kontrol eden bir adet kontrol ünitesi bulunmaktadır.         kontrol ünitesi
The Sound Mixer The Sound Mixer: The system also incorporates a sound mixer which controls the three speakers(two in test room, one in control room) and the two microphones in the experiment room and the control room.

The Camera Recorders: The Camera Recorders: In the experimentation room there are two moving camcorders one to record the face of the user and another one to record the key board activity of the user.

The Camera Recorders
The Observer Computer

The Observer Computer: the control room there is another computer the screen view of which is recorded by Morae and also the by another computer which is connected to the camcorders.

The Software

Tobii Studio: Tobii Studio is a software developed by the manufacturers of the eye tracker that transforms the information received from the reflectors, the infrared detector cameras into visual and digital data, records them and later provides various tools for analyzing the data saved. 

Noldus Observer: There is software that transforms observations into computer language and then provides statistical information and charts from these. The Observer is the software is used for gathering, managing, analyzing and presenting the observed data. This software is not only a means for gathering data for behavioural development, communication, education, language acquirement, cognition, psychological evaluation studies but also for product usability and human-machinery interaction evaluations.